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Amicitia News
Congrats Dirk & Sonelle
(10 February 2015)

Amicitia Ad Vitum Motorcycle Club

If you take motorcycle clubs as a whole group you will realize that each motorcycle club probably exists for a different reason. Some motorcycle clubs purely exist for track riding, others are aiming more to raise funds for charity, and some even only focus on bike rider training or safety.

There are also quite a few motorcycle clubs that are religion orientated and the purpose of those clubs are to promote their religious orientations or to provide the biking community with services that their religion provide.

You also get motorcycle clubs that are more commercialized and are more manufacturers orientated like certain BMW and Harley-Davidson rider clubs.

The majority of motorcycle clubs are more targeted to toward a brotherhood of friends that partake in motorcycle events for social reasons.

Amicitia ad vitum falls under the later group, and can be reflected in the name "Amicitia" aka "Friendship"

Motorcycle Clubs And Their Members

The majority of motorcycle clubs or associations usually have some sort of hierarchy which includes the motorcycle club President, Vice President, Treasurer, founder members, secretary, road captains or even a Sgt. at arms.

People or bikers that belong to a motorcycle club are normally known as members and the joining criteria for each motorcycle club differs from motorcycle club to motorcycle club, depending on the constitution, rules and joining criteria of each motorcycle club.

The majority of motorcycle clubs have some sort of apprenticeship that a prospective new member will need to complete before the individual receives there full colors (patch). The apprentice (appy) will normally be presented with half colors (appy patch) that the prospective member will wear while he or she is serving their apprenticeship. These colors normally are visually different from the full colors to indicate that the person is not a full member yet and is still under consideration.

The purpose of an apprenticeship is to create some pride in wearing the colors of the motorcycle club in the prospective member and therefore his or her allegiance towards the club.

At Amicitia ad Vitum, members will only be provided with colors of the club after a club vote, each member's vote counts the same as another's (excluding appies witch are not allowed to vote)

Colors of Motorcycle Clubs

Motorcycle Clubs Colors

The colors or patch is worn by the motorcycle club members to all events that the motorcycle club attend, such as rallies, day jols, breakfast runs etc and is normally displayed or worn on the back of either a denim or leather waistcoat or biker jacket.

Motorcycle clubs all have their of colors which is a logo or design that identify the club, some motorcycle club colors contain the abbreviation "MC" or "MCC" (Motorcycle Club) which mean that the colors are indicative of a motorcycle club.

The purpose of club colors are to indicate to the fellow motorcycle clubs as well as to the public, with whom the individual associate them self with.

Motorcycle club colors are in the majority of cases considered to be sacred and clubs normally demand the members wear the colors with respect to the club and by doing so to with respect to fellow club members.

Events for Motorcycle Clubs

Motorcycle Clubs Parties

Some motorcycle clubs run on a very business type of structure where even annual or monthly subscriptions fees are collected amongst the motorcycle club members, these fees normally contribute towards expenses of the motorcycle club.

Some of the more ambitious motorcycle clubs organize motorcycle club rallies or day events (day jols) where motorcycle clubs socialize and get to know each other and have huge biker parties.

Some biker parties, jols and rallies are organized by bike clubs with purely the intention of raising funds for a good cause, like a specific charity or some disability organization.

Motorcycle Club Runs

Breakfast runs or runs are one of the top hobbies amongst motorcycle clubs and these breakfast runs or runs consist of members meeting up and going out on a ride on a predetermined route to a destination of choice, in short to go for a ride on their bikes as a club.

Some of the luckier motorcycle clubs have a specific clubhouse where members meat and have good times. These clubhouses are sometime just a favorite local pub where everybody is welcome, or sometimes the motorcycle club actually owns the clubhouse and admission is by invite or membership only.

Some motorcycle clubs are not just concentrated in one location and might have members all over the country or even world. In these cases the clubs normally divided into chapters, these chapters can be area specific or even country specific.

Chapters For Motorcycle Clubs

Normally if a motorcycle club does contain chapters, then each chapter will have their own hierarchy of President, Vice President, Treasurer, secretary, road captains, etc with the main chapter having a national / international president.

Enough About Motorcycle Clubs For Now

If you would like to see what we as a club got up to lately, please feel free to browse around our site, and if you like what you see, please sign our guestbook!

Please also note that you browse this site at your own risk! So if you stumble across some content that offends you in any way, then that's your problem and should rather just close the site.

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Dirk and Jurie
Dirk and Jurie © Jurie
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